About Us


About Us

Natural Crown Haircare provides 100% natural products, specifically formulated with moisture-rich ingredients to combat dryness, while providing deep nourishment and conditioning to the hair and scalp.

Our products were born out of the need to provide safe, effective and moisturising products, especially to those with dry hair. However, our products are highly beneficial and suitable for all hair types.

We pride ourselves on using only high-quality and non-toxic ingredients in our products. We strive to keep health at the centre of our brand and we aim to encourage everyone to love and embrace their Natural Crown!


Our Founder's Story

Hello & welcome!

My name is Precious, founder and formulator of Natural Crown Haircare.

For years, I struggled to find a haircare solution that worked for my dry, tightly coiled afro-textured hair. All of the hair products that I purchased made my hair even more dry, leading to breakage and scalp issues. I started researching ingredients and found that a lot of the products that I was using contained harmful ingredients and chemicals that were not beneficial to my hair, despite the product’s claims to cater to my hair type.

After years of research & testing I began making my own products using only natural ingredients. I immediately noticed a difference in how my hair looked and felt. My family and friends also took notice and requested that I make products for them. In turn, we saw their hair flourish, grow and strengthen. Seeing the effects of my products motivated me and led me on a mission to create a range of natural hair products that focuses on improving hair health, preventing breakage and promoting hair growth. I am committed to providing products that truly work, while educating consumers on healthy haircare practices!

Join us on this journey, to embrace our Natural Crown!