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About Us

Hey Curl Friends! My name is Precious & I’m the founder of Natural Crown Haircare.

I have always had a passion for hair, however, unfortunately I was like many other ‘type 4 hair’ girls who accepted the ‘fact’ that her hair would never grow past shoulder length.

Until one day, I randomly came across a video showing a natural hair journey. I was in awe! The video inspired me to start researching how to properly care for Natural Hair and unlearn all of the misinformation that I, as a black girl, had been previously taught about my hair.

I really started paying attention to what my hair liked and didn’t like and I found that a lot of products didn’t work for me. My hair was constantly dry and brittle, so I began researching ingredients and found that a lot of the products that I was using contained ingredients that were not good for my hair, despite their claims to be natural hair friendly!

I was on a mission to only use great ingredients that would nourish and benefit my hair. So I started making and using my own hair products. I was in absolute shock of how my hair was flourishing. My family and friends took instant notice and requested that I make products for them also. Seeing their hair flourish as well made me so happy and I knew that I wanted to help other black women and men have healthy hair and dispel the myth that we can’t grow long hair!

This is how Natural Crown Haircare was born.

My ethos is to only use high quality, natural ingredients that are beneficial to the health of our hair. After years of experience, research and testing, I can proudly say that I know what our hair needs to remain happy, healthy, strong and beautiful and I am committed to providing products that truly work for our hair! For us, by Us!

With Love, Precious xo